Just a quick and short newsletter this month, because like us you shouldn’t
even have time to read it. For those of you who are really stressed out. Take a look at this picture below, now I would call this a pretty good boat safari,
friendly and relaxing.

Now isn’t this the place to be right now? Unfortunately I have no clue where this is!
Anyway you can’t be there right now, because you are supposed to be busy with tourism in South Africa. So tough!
The wild dogs have been making some early morning appearances recently, which always makes for good viewing. There is also a new set of cubs from a lioness we call Madikwe. Madikwe’s territory is from Hilltop Camp Down to the Mansiya loop section, and this is her third set of cubs. She is an absolutely beautiful animal, very powerful and good looking. However she can be a bit of a dumb blonde. I once saw her stalking some Nyala, she was really good, silent and careful. She went down low to the ground ears flat ready to charge.The problem was, there was a huge, wide river between her and the Nyala. End of story.
Okay I have told everyone at length about the new traffic circles in Hluhluwe Village.
Due to the fact that four cars, including a police car have either rolled over or ploughed straight through a few of these circles, SPEED BUMPS have now been introduced.
These as yet have not been painted so if you don’t see them, all they really do is launch you James Bond style on to the circle. Seriously these bumps are lethal at the moment, and I don’t see any sign of them being painted in the near future. So coach drivers beware, 40 tourists all hitting the ceiling of your bus at the same time could be a bit scary.