Ian Van Lelyveld
Managing Director

Ian was born and raised on a farm in Zululand. He speaks fluent Zulu and long before it was politically correct, was involved in community projects which included getting electricity to the most rural of areas. Because of this work his geographical knowledge of Zululand and the Elephant Coast is second to none.

With his passion for wildlife, he started umHluhluwe Safaris which, started out as a very small concern. Through his dedication to the task, the business has become the leading Safari Company in the region.

Daryl Viviers
Director and Operations Manager

Born in Durban, Daryl single-mindedly pursued a career in wildlife conservation. After attaining his conservation diploma, he started at the bottom as a field guide working for various game lodges and private game reserves both here and in the Kruger Park region. Daryl then joined Ian in partnership to concentrate on creating umHluhluwe Safaris and turning it into the company it is today.

Daryl is still involved in the daily operations of the business. During our busy seasons, he is on the reserve almost daily. This keeps him close to what is happening with the safaris, to ensure that quality and service excellence are always maintained.

Patrick van Rensburg

Patrick was born in South Africa and grew up in Zimbabwe spending a lot of his time in the bush. After pursuing a successful career in music, Patrick wanted to get back to the bush. Working as a freelance field guide for many years in Hluhluwe Game Reserve he eventually joined umHluhluwe Safaris to use his communication skills in marketing and public relations for the company.

Sharon Van Lelyveld
Office Manager

Sharon is our office manager and does all the administration that is needed for umHluhluwe Safaris. "Administration" is as usual, code for "everything under the African sun" and like any good business we would not survive without good leadership in this department. Sharon was born and brought up in Zululand and while she has travelled extensively she remains a Zululand girl at heart with a wide knowledge of the region. Her experience in management, administration and a fluency in isiZulu combined with a love of the African bush make her the ideal person to be running the day to day administration of Umhluhluwe Safaris.

Field Guides

UmHluhluwe Safaris places a high value on the old saying that it is the quality of the people one employs that makes for a good company. Our field guides are the face of the company to the client and it is they who provide the essence of our service in the field.

To this end we are always proud of the guiding team we have. We choose some of the most talented young people in the region to carry out this vital task for us.

Whilst they go through the FGASA system for their technical knowledge, they are also put through our own in house training system, which deals with communications and tourism etiquette at large.

It is they who deliver the final and most important part of the package, and the guides are all well aware that they are representing not only umHluhluwe Safaris, but tour operators, travel agents and South Africa as a whole.