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The Kingmaker Collection

Diverse and complete set of deliberately constructed XV century armor made from stainless steel. Premium materials are combined with sleek design for a perfect selection of practical armor to fit everyone,
from squire to paladin

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Clients' Reviews

“Please note this is a repeat client, they raved about your services last year”


“Patrick was so pleased with his sightings and says that Adam is the best guide ever.”


“Your guide made us feel so comfortable and part of the umHluhluwe family. We cannot wait to come for another drive, and without any hesitation would definitely recommend your company to friends and family.”

Sandra and Shane

“It was great meeting you again and seeing your commitment to delivering quality services after all these years. I wish we had many more stakeholders like you in this country.”



Our Blog

Introducing Our Fanciest Knight Kit Ever

Welcome to the most wonderful journey where we teach you everything about medieval reenactment. You will meet many wonderful people who will share their experience with you, and in return they expect you to follow simple rules and traditions!

Halberdiers Armour “Hound Of War”

Be prepared to travel around the country to various castles and camps and basically follow the trail of multiple medieval crusades. It can be interesting not just for adults, but also for children. However, fight participants must be eighteen and older.